Dynamic Exterior Photographs!

Muirfield Village-9You want to sell that home quickly and for full value.

When the buyers see the photos of all the listings in those tiny thumbnails, you need to entice them to click and view the full gallery – not move on to others. Most buyers start their search on the internet so it’s important to have compelling photographs on your website. You need bold, dynamic images that entice the buyers to learn more. And the first step is to get good shots of the outside.


What Does it Take to Make Compelling Exterior Images of Real Estate?

The most important thing about exterior imagery: The vertical lines must be truly vertical and must be parallel. They must not converge. This is the first rule of almost any architectural photography and should only be violated in rare cases and for clear artistic intent. The home should not lean backward!

Next, the home should be well lit. If it faces east or west, it should be photographed when the sun is shining on the front. If it faces south a hazy day or a good low sidelight will make it look good. North facing homes should be shot on an overcast day when the light wraps gen

tly around it. All of the images need to be made during the Golden Light hours. And, if conditions permit, twilight photographs make most homes look really good.

There should be detail in both the shadows and the highlights. Inky shadows and washed out highlights are not attractive. HDR often looks fake and is usually not needed outside. Good exposure and a little work with software will usually give better results.

The camera often needs to be elevated, but not too much – no one needs photographs of the roof. A tall ladder, a pole, or a nearby hill will serve nicely.

Straight on shots are good for an accurate view of the home but they are static. If an image from an oblique angle can be made, it will look more dynamic and is a better choice. Next up – Interior photography. Think “Balance”.

 Remember Great Photos Sell Homes!

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